Joam Berride

Sailboats of the Stars Series

Visionaries Series

The Elephant King Series

Refugee Camps Series

Colonies Series

"When the vision and dialogue of a work allow you for a few moments to escape to other worlds, to other places, or to other lives, you begin to recognize not only the value that the work of art has, not only as a process of creation and liberation but also as an element of enjoyment and contemplation "

Inside Looks - 2005

Ramón Rozas

Diario de Pontevedra Journalist


"That joy of colors that fills our eyes, transforming, mutating in sometimes nebulous forms, others, explosions so close to us; that is the joy and the universe of Joam Berride"

The Quiet Beauty - 2005

Manuel Seixas


"I see myself sitting in a wicker chair, in a garden, surrounded by a borderless world, still recognizable only by its soft colors," wrote W.G. Sebald on the subject of his old age. And, despite the distances, in that world without borders and soft colors, I recognized the work of Joam Berride "

Natal Port - 2011

Anxos Sumai


When talking about an art that goes beyond the imposed limits, it tries to demonstrate the existence of a hidden reality that it is not possible to know but to intuit, which investigates, in addition to the language itself, the reasons of man and culture , obviously speaking of "metaphysical painting"

The Dream Reality

Ciro Sánchez Suárez

Doctor of Arts

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